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Update: If launch is successful, deployment will be in T+10 or so, a fairly
rapid deployment! First transmissions shortly thereafter! I think that
means a lucky radio station over which the spacecraft will be flying
(possibly, Pacific Rim/US West Coast) will be getting first transmission
shortly (in five/six hours) from now.
http://spaceflightnow.com/antares/demo/launchtimeline.html Remember the
birds are sequenced: I love their names, Alexander Graham Bell

Google's search on Alexander Graham

The two PhoneSat 1.0 satellites, Graham and Bell, transmit with a
> periodicity of respectively 28 seconds and 30 seconds. The PhoneSat 2.0
> beta satellite, Alexander, transmit with a periodicity of 25 seconds.

73 de N3RDX

Tip: Register your ham station/radio station at http://www.phonesat.org
also a tip from the Phonesat team:

You need to decode the sound to Ascii first. If you can do this, then use
> the decoder from the website.
> If not, just send us the Audio and we will do it.
> The Phonesat Decoder is accessible online from the website, nothing to
> download.

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Hello AMSAT community

some hams have requested information about the upcoming Phonesat mission
telemetry format. This is a challenging objective for those who can track
and monitor: there are 3 satellites being deployed from the same P-POD and
will be released within moments of each other. The systems are timed to not
overlap individual station transmissions, so in a single pass, all three
should be heard.

For any technical questions, please contact the POC, Oriol Tintore of
Phonesat. His contact info is below.

73 de N3RDX

 Oriol Tintore
> Aerospace Engineer
> PhoneSat Project, NASA Ames Research Center
> c: 650-215-0376
> o: 650-604-2710
> oriol.tintoregazulla at nasa.gov

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>> Subject: Re: [Tracking] PhoneSat launch April 17th! 437.425MHz
>> Cc: "Guillen Salas, Alberto (ARC-SST)[Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies Inc.
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>> (ARC-TH)[Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies Inc. (SGT Inc.)]" <
>> oriol.tintoregazulla at nasa.gov>
>> Hello CubeSats and Amateur Radio Operators!
>> The very first PhoneSat’s will be launching aboard the Antares  on April
>> 17
>> th at 1700 EDT (launch window to April 19th possibly further). We have
>> manifested 2x PhoneSat 1.0 and 1x PhoneSat 2.0 Beta.****
>> ** **
>> Our orbit is very low (270km x 300km 51.6deg) and we’ll only be up there
>> for 2 weeks! So we’re looking for as many people as possible to help with
>> tracking our satellites!****
>> ** **
>> If any of you are interested in tracking the satellite please let myself
>> (+the cc’d team) know – your help will be greatly appreciated! ****
>> ** **
>> All three satellites will be transmitting on *437.425MHz* and TLE’s + more
>> info can be found at www.phonesat.org – consolidated info sheet
>> attached.***
>> *
>> ** **
>> Feel free to tune-in and submit packets to www.phonesat.org ****
>> ** **
>> Cheers!****
>> PhoneSat Project****
>> NASA ARC****
>> ** **

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