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Burns Fisher burns at fisher.cc
Mon Apr 15 12:29:22 PDT 2013


I hope I have not been missing something major on my Kenwood TH-F6 HT, but
I don't think it does full duplex.  You can receive two channels
simultaneously, yes.  But I don't believe you can transmit on one while
simultaneously listening on the other.  That's the capability that you need
to confirm you can "hear yourself" and confirm that you are reaching the
satellite and the sat is sending your voice back to you.

If I'm wrong about the TH-F6a that would be a bummer!  I'm looking for an
excuse to replace it with a TH-D72a


Burns W2BFJ

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> Hi Bob:
> I use a Yaesu FT-60r  with a homebrew handheld 3 element loop yagi.  I only
> work half duplex. For full duplex I use a Baofeng UV3R (cheap but does
> work). The Kenwood TH-F6A is great. Make sure the HT will do cross band.
> Also use a good duplexer.
> There are many other great radios out there and a lot more operators on
> here
> that has more insight than I.
> I been on the birds since 2000. Licensed since 1979.
> I work the birds as much as my work sked will allow.
> 73
> Joe...AC4NY
> EM73dp
> (My neighbors thinks I lost it; running around the yard with a handheld
> > antenna)!
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> > Hi Joe:
> >
> > I have been following this thread and have a few questions.
> > I have been in ham radio for 50 years. And, yep, satellite radio has been
> > on
> > my "I got to do this" list.
> >
> > Can you suggest a good HT?
> > I have my antenna picked out and that's the arrow.

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