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Samudra Haque N3RDX & S21X n3rdx at amsat.org
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I am forwarding a request from NASA ARC Phonesat project, relevant to my
mail earlier yesterday. This is a 3-for-1 special for amsat community.

73 de N3RDX

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Hello CubeSats and Amateur Radio Operators!

The very first PhoneSat’s will be launching aboard the Antares  on April 17
th at 1700 EDT (launch window to April 19th possibly further). We have
manifested 2x PhoneSat 1.0 and 1x PhoneSat 2.0 Beta.****

** **

Our orbit is very low (270km x 300km 51.6deg) and we’ll only be up there
for 2 weeks! So we’re looking for as many people as possible to help with
tracking our satellites!****

** **

If any of you are interested in tracking the satellite please let myself
(+the cc’d team) know – your help will be greatly appreciated! ****

** **

All three satellites will be transmitting on *437.425MHz* and TLE’s + more
info can be found at www.phonesat.org – consolidated info sheet attached.***

** **

Feel free to tune-in and submit packets to www.phonesat.org ****

** **


PhoneSat Project****


** **

This time attached :D****

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