[amsat-bb] AO7 Mode Switch

K4FEG K4FEG at k4feg.com
Wed Apr 10 04:48:02 PDT 2013

/*For those who wonder about such things, the Mode switch for AO7 is 
occurring at approximately 10:47:15UTC.*//*
I was listening for Paul, 2M1EUB/P on AO7 this morning and AO7 was still 
in Mode A when I came into the footprint, I listened and called for Paul 
near center frequency until he was out of the satellite and then I just 
waited to see when the satellite switched mode.

As I stated it happened at about 10:47:UTC I did not have my system 
clock synchronized so my time may be off a bit.

I just thought some of those who keep up with such things might be 

Good Day all! & 73;


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