[amsat-bb] Satellite contact between Cuba and Ireland

Hector, CO6CBF co6cbf at frcuba.co.cu
Wed Apr 3 15:09:41 PDT 2013

Hello to all


I am pleased to report that today I had my first contact on satellites with
Ireland.  Joe, EI5EV and I completed it successfully on FO-29. We had just a
66 seconds window but there was enough time to exchange reports and
greetings. I believe that it is the first contact between Ireland and Cuba
on FO-29! It is a 4321.7 mi (6955.1 km) contact!


Our first attempt was yesterday but Joe couldn't find me on the passband. We
made a schedule again and we tried to be more accurate on frequencies
calculation. Doppler is always in play!

We did the calculations based on the great feature implemented on SatPC32
V12.8b. There is an   option of seeing the frequency you are at the
satellite receiver.  This was our common reference point. I was very
satisfied when I heard Joe exactly on the frequency I was expecting!


I was operating portable from a tall building `s roof which allows me a
great horizon visibility forwarding Europe. I was running my new FT-817nd, a
30W power amplifier and a homebrew ARROW antenna with a homebrew mast
mounted preamplifier. Everything was supplied by two 12V 7A Gel batteries.


Right Now, FO-29 has a big footprint. Please, if you are into the footprint
and want to try a long distance contact, just drop me an email. I will try
until complete a contact with you.


Thanks very much to Joe for this great contact!



Hector, CO6CBF



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