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The FCC allows teachers to use ham radio in their class and collect a
salary.  I believe this also applies to professors at university and the
ground station students that are licensed.


Nick k5qxj


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Jan and all,


The late Michael Owen, who wrote most of the present RR Article 25 at WRC
03, said that even if the "technical investigation" does not relate to
"radio technique," radio transmissions related to it may still be considered
"self training" and thus permissible for amateur stations if the other
requirements (e.g. "without pecuniary interest") are meti.

73 Ray 


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And, Nick and Tony,
The Cubesatters aren't going away any time soon.  We can share our spectrum
with them or they will take it all, sooner or later.  That is the reality.
They already think of it as their spectrum, by the way.  
Jan, W3GEY

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Tony well stated and this should become official AMSAT policy.

Reality the cube sats are here and they are good  for our hobby

Nick k5qxj

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Dear Friends,

These are MY opinions, not an official AMSAT position, but I think it is
important to recognize the significant benefits that AMSAT and the entire
ham radio community gets from having non-commercial, university CubeSats
licensed as amateur radio satellites:

1. It introduces hundreds/thousands of students to ham radio who would never
have heard of it. Large numbers of students and professors have gotten ham
tickets as a result and are now part of the ranks of ham radio operators.

2. It introduces students and professors to AMSAT. We have many people work
on AMSAT projects because they learned about us from a university CubeSat

3. It enables direct cooperation between AMSAT and universities in
developing satellite projects that benefit all hams who are interested in
amateur satellite operating activities.

4. Non-commercial, university CubeSats that are licensed as amateur radio
satellites help PROTECT our ham bands! The operating activity from these
satellites helps show that we (hams) are actually USING these bands for

5. Many AMSAT members thoroughly ENJOY collecting telemetry and data from
university CubeSats. Just because it doesn't have a 2-way transponder does
not mean it isn't ham radio or it isn't a fun part of the hobby.

6. Grad students who have learned about operating a ham station and who
control a (non-commercial) satellite are doing so only incidentally to their
paid "job" of getting a PhD. They are obviously not getting paid to operate
the ham station; they are getting paid for teaching or for their technical
work. This is no different than a teacher in the classroom who is getting
paid and using ham radio to teach students.
These are GOOD uses of ham radio!

7. Many hams and especially AMSAT members thoroughly ENJOY working with
students and their teachers, helping them improve their knowledge of radio
communications and radio technology.

I certainly hope that AMSAT and AMSAT members can continue to work with
universities on amateur-radio CubeSats and promote amateur radio to a new
generation of scientists and engineers. These are our future AMSAT members.

Tony AA2TX
AMSAT, VP Engineering

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