[amsat-bb] IO-26 as digital EMAIL relay?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Sep 7 22:11:51 PDT 2012

> IO-26 is still up there, and still humming;
>  But we haven't figured out how to run it in
> voice like we did with AO-16;

Woha!  But if it is a pacsat, can't it act as a digipeater if you just set
the DIGI bit to on?  Then people can use it for real-time digital QSO's.

In the old days, it required everyone to get a $300 modem and use an SSB
rig on the downlink.  But the Uplink is FM.  SO anyone can transmit.  And
these days, somone I am sure has already written the sound-card generate
the manchester uplink!

Then the satgates with the SSB receivers could capture all the downlink

Or am I forgetting something?

(I know, I'm an APRS hammer and everything kinda looks like an APRS
nail...)  But you dont have to call it APRS, just call it an emergency or
EMAIL link providing worldwide coverage for ham travelers needing a way to
get a message out...  The global internet linked ground station and Email
engine already exists,  Just send the email.  If an IGate hears it anywhere
on the planet, then the Email is as good as delivered.


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