[amsat-bb] Re: Ham Spirit

Eric Knaps, ON4HF on4hf at telenet.be
Thu May 31 10:36:38 PDT 2012

Hi Craig, and others,
I use full duplex from the first day that I use the ham satellites.
I also prefer the ssb birds but if I am working handheld with an arrow 
antenna I can only work the fm sats for now :-( with 2 portables, full 
duplex as it should be.
If Jean-Marie had wait for about 20 seconds, then there was no problem, 
but constantly calling cq on top of anybody else makes it more difficult 
to get the qso done.
I got an email from M6DNU that evening, also complaining about the 
constant cq calling and thanking me for my patience.
Let this be a lesson for everybody, if two stations are exchanging a 
report en grid locator, please let them do that and when the qso is 
over, THEN call cq.

I seem to have stepped on some people's toes and I apoligize for that. I 
was frustrated when I wrote to this reflector because constant calling 
cq on the fm sats is a common problem here in Europe.
I don't understand why people are doing that. What is the point of 
calling cq when two other persons are in qso? (for only a few seconds!)
It's just a waste of time. And everybody gets frustrated because 1 
person is keeping the sat occupied and nobody can make a contact.

Once again, my apoligies to Jean-Marie. I hope he will forgive me.

Amateur Radio Station ON4HF
Eric Knaps
Satellite manager UBA


Op 31/05/2012 00:47, Craig Gagner schreef:
> After doing a little research I think Eric is more than qualified to know
> what Amateur Radio is all about and how the Ham Spirit has changed. After
> working HF for over 20 years he is well aware. He has a very impressive
> looking Satellite set up and I am sure he could hear his own signal quite
> well. Of course some of the self proclaimed expert instructors don't think
> you need any of that fancy gear and continue to encourage the bare minimum
> in equipment resulting in these Alligators!
> A day doesn't pass where someone is out there calling CQ and obviously can't
> hear thier own signal, or anyone else for that matter. I have sent numerous
> friendly e-mails with no responses, but again, a majority don't have an
> e-mail listed on QRZ.
> Full duplex should be the only way satellite operations are taught, and not
> doing it should be considered malicious interference!
> 73
> Craig
> Back to the SSB Birds for me !
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