[amsat-bb] Re: Ham Spirit

Craig Gagner crgagner at charter.net
Wed May 30 15:47:01 PDT 2012

After doing a little research I think Eric is more than qualified to know
what Amateur Radio is all about and how the Ham Spirit has changed. After
working HF for over 20 years he is well aware. He has a very impressive
looking Satellite set up and I am sure he could hear his own signal quite
well. Of course some of the self proclaimed expert instructors don't think
you need any of that fancy gear and continue to encourage the bare minimum
in equipment resulting in these Alligators!

A day doesn't pass where someone is out there calling CQ and obviously can't
hear thier own signal, or anyone else for that matter. I have sent numerous
friendly e-mails with no responses, but again, a majority don't have an
e-mail listed on QRZ. 

Full duplex should be the only way satellite operations are taught, and not
doing it should be considered malicious interference!

Back to the SSB Birds for me !

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