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Raydel Abreu Espinet (CM2ESP) cl2esp at frcuba.co.cu
Tue May 29 18:59:57 PDT 2012


I tottaly agree with Ted, i have a single moxon (not turnstile) for VHF LEO 
satellite and works quite good. Also i have another, a moxon turnstile for 
436 LEO satellites and it work relatively fine, but average gain is only 
good enough for SSB satellites. For FM reception a good LNA is mandatory. 
Right now i don't have any LNA neither for VHF or UHF (that's why I always 
work AO-27 with my arrow antenna). I can tell you that even a single moxon 
is almost enough, at least for VHF, for UHF the signal loss is greater so 
the incoming signal is not enough for FM, but i can at least hear and see on 
the FFT spectrum display any SSB or CW, they usually show up with at 
least10dB over the noise background.

The moxon are greats but a good LNA just after the antenna will be very 
helpfull. One more thing, for a smoth recieving pattern is better to put the 
antenna close to the roof, this avoid the nulls and fadings but compromise 
the reception at low elevation angles.

Well, that's all. Just my little experience with these great antennas.
Good Luck all,



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> Hi Samudra, consider a better alternative to the 'egg beater':  Moxon
> turnstile....much better performance. I will e-mail the article from qst.
> Also, consider an Elk 2m/440 yagi at a fixed elevation and on a Radio 
> Shack
> rotor.
> GL, Ted, K7TRK

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