[amsat-bb] expections

Alan Beck becka at eastlink.ca
Mon May 28 04:53:47 PDT 2012

Currently I have my LNBlock downconverter mounted at the antenna.

It is a High Sierra Microwave 432M7.

The antenna is a Uhf Ringo ranger set at the boiiom end of the band.

It is 25 feet up right now.

So, how do I realize more signal level?

Using my FT-950, both preamps on I can hear signals well.

I have about 75 feet of RG-8X coax at the output of the converter to my shack.

The test paper shows 25 DB gain. I expect this has to be on the UHF side.

I am thinking of a "eggbeater style" antenna to start with and then some hieght for that.

Passes are doing well to the horizon.

Looking forward to feedback.



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