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Hi All,

In addition to Patrick's email, I thought I would throw in my 2 cents of the 
events on Friday.  It was great getting to meet a few new faces including 
finally getting to meet Patrick, WD9EWK, face-to-face!

Thank you to the stations that we worked on Friday - the crowd was very 
attentive during the operations and many showed interest in getting started 
with satellite operations.  I was at the AMSAT demo area all day Friday, and 
it was nice hearing all of the familiar calls and voices still on the air 
after my recent absence due to school.  Keith, W5IU and Roger, WA9ZPL put a 
lot of time and effort into these demos, and I know they appreciate the 
participation.  They deserve a nice round of cyber applause for their 
commitment over the many years.

Besides the demo area's success Friday, I heard several reports from those 
that came by the demo area that the AMSAT booth inside was a very 
informational and "nice" booth.  AMSAT does a great job with their 
informational presentation to onlookers, hands-on displays, and their 
furthering of the hobby in general.  The AMSAT booth is definitely a 
highlight within the arena.

Thanks again to those that contributed to the demos with their QSOs over the 



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The first day of the Dayton Hamvention was great.  Along with an early-
morning trek out to the Indiana/Ohio state line west of Dayton, I worked
a few passes at AMSAT's demonstration station out in a parking lot.
Thanks for all the QSOs with WD9EWK, as well as those who worked Keith
W5IU earlier in the day.  The AMSAT demonstration station will be back
on the air tomorrow (Saturday) morning, throughout the day.  You may hear
different calls coming on from there, besides W5IU and WD9EWK, depending
on who is at the mic.  The QSOs I made have already been uploaded to
Logbook of the World.

If I wake up early enough in the morning, I will make another trek out
to the Indiana/Ohio state line east of the I-70/US-40 interchange, about
30 miles/50km west of the Hamvention.  My plans are to work the AO-7
passes in mode B at 1032 and 1225 UTC, and possibly the VO-52 pass at
1250 UTC, before driving back to the Hamvention.  The spot I parked at
this morning, and will use again tomorrow, is on the state line is in
grid EM79ot, in Richmond (Wayne County) IN and Preble County OH.

Special note for Logbook of the World QSOs on boundaries other than
Maidenhead grid boundaries/intersections... ARRL's Logbook of the World
is not able to handle multiple states/provinces in a single QSO record.
A QSO record must be uploaded for each state/province, and the QSO time
must differ in each of those records by at least 1 minute.  In other
words, to confirm a QSO with me on the state line at 1230 UTC, stations
will need to upload a QSO with WD9EWK at 1230 UTC, and another QSO with
the time at least a minute earlier or later than the time in the first
record.  For my example, the second QSO record can't have 1230 UTC as
its time, but can have a time of 1229 or 1231 UTC, or some other different
time within 30 minutes +/- of my QSO record, for a QSL in LOTW (assuming
other fields also match up).  Otherwise, two records with the same
date/time and other information for a QSO with a callsign will only
result in one of those records (the last of those records uploaded) being
in the system.  It is extra work, but I'm not going to complain about it.

Along with my LOTW uploads, I'm happy to send QSL cards confirming QSOs
with WD9EWK - from the Indiana/Ohio state line, at the Hamvention, or
wherever else I may end up in the next couple of days before I fly home.
Just drop me an e-mail with the QSO details, and I'll check my log.  If
you're in the log, I will send a card.


Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK - Miamisburg, Ohio

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