[amsat-bb] Learning about AMSAT in Dayton

Steve May steve.w5iem at gmail.com
Tue May 15 07:29:47 PDT 2012

I have been interested in AMSAT operation for awhile but have not even
began to put together a station for satellite work. I will be attending the
Dayton Hamvention this weekend, and in doing so I am hoping to learn enough
about satellite work to get on the air over the next few weeks.

With the large collection of AMSAT experts in Dayton, my question is what
the group would recommend to a newcomer to try to get out of Dayton in
learning some satellite basics. Should I make sure to go to the forum? Are
there going to be demonstrations on software and station setup? Should I
mainly try to make in-person resource contacts?

Mainly, where should I focus my efforts this weekend? I am hoping to learn
as much as possible and hope to finally get involved in satellite
operations in the next few months.

Thanks in advance,

Steve, W5IEM

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