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Mon May 14 01:30:07 PDT 2012

Hi Bob, W7LRD

Your provider @comcast.net rejects my post to you via my provider @tin.it
BTW I will try to send you the article.

Please let me know if it arrives.

73" de 

i8CVS Domenico
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  Hello Domenico...I would like to see that information

  73 Bob W7LRD


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  > Is a UHF circular polarization antenna needed for the current operational
  > satellites?
  > I am planning some work on my antenna system and wonder if the CP
  > is needed, or actually, deteriorate the signal by 3dB if the satellites
  > are using linear antennae??

  Hi David, 4X1DG

  It is a long matter to explain in a few words so that in a separate email 
  I have sent to you the 5 MB zipped file of the following nice article:

  "The Advantages of Circular Polarization for Amateur Satellite Ground
  Stations" by John J. Nagle, K4KJ 

  I can send the above artiche to anybody interested to it.

  73" de

  i8CVS Domenico

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