[amsat-bb] Big Fat Liar

Alan Beck becka at eastlink.ca
Tue May 8 16:38:19 PDT 2012


Well, I am a big fat liar.

I do have a CAT radio, it is my FT-950.

Every 10 years I try to buy a really nice HF radio. I bought it last summer. I practically put it in a box to move it across the room.

Since I can't diable the transmit, I decided to not use it.

My pegasus is shot. Really shot.

So, that leaves my TS-50.

Here is the actual point of this email.

Is there a way to use the Send on the tuner to actuate a relay and move the cable to the converter into a dummy load via a relay?

I already use the Send for my mfj-1026 noise canceller. I just have to drive a relay to do the two things.


Would it be possible to switch the relay fast enough to make sure no damage would occur to the converter during the transition to transmit?

There may be settings for that in the FT-950.

Thanks for your patience with me and thanks for helping.



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