[amsat-bb] Getting started on the easy sats, mircsats

Alan Beck becka at eastlink.ca
Mon May 7 04:43:48 PDT 2012

Thank you all for the offers to help.

My goals are as follows.

Track and monitor the satellites, I already do this with  a manual radio on VHF.

I can digipeat on the ISS, but not right now due to antenna restrictions. (No bread man)

I want to build a couple of eggbeaters and have question on them because I want the UHF on the top of my tower but well built so that any water ingress will not trash the things.

I am getting a High Sierra 432M7 block down converter that I intend to use with my TS-50 up/down buttons.

I have Instanttrack now and I looking to interface Instanttune with it.

I am about to build the circuitry for the AA2TX interface with the ON6WG upgrade but I think someone may have one and could be willing to part with. 

I am an electronics tech by trade and able to build the circuit to isolate the keypresses, but, if I find someone with an interface already built and willing to sell it, less work. It is getting harder and harder to find parts. Thankfully Mouser is now active in Canada.

Now I am asking for a Spirit2 controller for my birthday. Is there another way can do this? sound card perhaps?

OK, so, I want to use the analog satelittes and the pacsats. I have been fascinated about chasing satellites and now that I know I can do a fair bit with eggbeater antennas, then so be it.

I am looking forward Elmering.

Best 73,


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