[amsat-bb] Re: Sierra Vista AZ hamfest on Saturday (5 May)

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu May 3 09:17:03 PDT 2012

> I will be at the Cochise... Hamfest on (5 May) in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

Yearly reminder:  Everyone involved with a hamfest should consider:

1) Is the LAT/LONG on the web page?

2) Is there an APRS object marking the HAMFEST on the air 2 weeks in advance
marking the spot so that drivers within 100 miles can just drive their APRS
radios right to the spot.

3) Does the APRS object contain the talk-in freq in APRS format so that
drivers only press the TUNE button on their APRS radios to instantly QSY to
the talk in.

Is the APRS object in accordance with the standard APRS HAMFEST format so
that it is consistent and can be found trivially on APRS clients by doing a
search for all "HFEST*" such as http://map.findu.com/hfest* 

Please see http://aprs.org/hamfest.html

More than one hamfest have I simply stumbled on by being out driving and
having it pop up on my radio with everything I needed to just drive right to
it.  The number  in the object indicates the day of the month so old or
future hamfests are easily noted.  Our object is HFEST-5th.  You must make
everything after the HFEST unique if you want it to appear on global
searches.  Other hamfests on the 5th can use HFEST-05x where x is your
choice.  Or HFEST-5xy if Xy can better match your club or area... etc.

Again, not just APRS users but anyone with a smart phone can also find these
hamfests using the above web link.

Bob, Wb4aPR

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