[amsat-bb] Re: Delphi-C3 (DO-64) 4 years in orbit.

WILLIAMS MICHAEL k9qho6762 at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 2 19:15:10 PDT 2012


Delphi-C3 with its fold out solar panels is a great satellite and probably one of the most interesting cube sats ever launched. I made many QSOs through it before its amateur transponder quit.

145.870 USB will work.

Its signal is very strong, you cant miss it.

It has no batteries so operates only in sun light.

It will shut off at times as it starts its North American pass (even in sunlight). You will hear it at AOS for a short time then it suddenly shuts off. At other times, it's on the entire pass.

When receiving, try to get the tuning indicator to stay at 1200 Hz. The no sync indicator will change to sync and turn green.

It's interesting to watch the sats performance and the data come in. 

Having up to date Keps and your computer clock synchronized helps a lot.


Mike (K9QHO) 

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