[amsat-bb] Re: Slightly OT: That's no moon!

Lee Maisel maisel at lobo.net
Tue Jan 31 21:46:32 PST 2012

That's neat!   I love seeing stuff like that.

Once I saw the ISS on a bright overhead pass, followed by the space 
shuttle (probably hundreds of miles behind it)  It was a once in a 
lifetime sight.

On another note, once my Sister in Law called me, very excited, and told 
me to go out and look to the west, the moon was HUGE and RED!!

I thought, hmm.  I don't think there's an eclipse tonight, but went out 
to look anyway.   To the east, was the moon, normal as can be.   I 
thought for a minute, and busted out laughing!  her house backs up to a 
shopping center, and they had a big RED weather balloon flying above, 
with the parking lot lights illuminating it, I remember seeing it.  I 
called her and she confirmed... she was so embarrassed, but it's a funny 
story now!

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