[amsat-bb] Re: Palm Springs HamFest - APOLOGY

Jeff Yanko wb3jfs at cox.net
Mon Jan 30 17:19:25 PST 2012


Quite frankly, I see no need for an apology for that statement that you 
re-iterated from a Canadian national.  Let's put it into perspective.  Let's 
say you quoted the same statement but instead of saying Canadian gentleman, 
substitute his call, if he has one.  Guarantee you, nobody would've said a 
thing.  Unless I'm missing something, how can "Canadian gentlemen" be 
insulting?  Before unnecessary apologizing to the respected fellow ham, I 
would've asked him how somebody from Canada should be addressed?  Cunucks? 
Loonie (based on the Canadian Dollar coin)?  Which one?

I've noticed over the years the increasing number of times of people 
"misreading" an e-mail by throwing in their emotions or otherwise 
misguidance which in turns distorts what the e-mail states.  There is also 
the other end of the spectrum where poorly written e-mails lead to 
completely off the mark interpretations, etc.

Again, I would say this warrants no apology.


Jeff  WB3JFS

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> K6LCS>> ... There was a Canadian gentleman there who said we should blame 
> it on solar conditions ... (grin)
> I have been contacted off list by a gentleman who thought I was insulting 
> Canada/Canadians with the above line.
> In no manner, shape, nor form did I mean to disrespect my neighbors to the 
> North.
> When I wrote that line, I was remembering the gentleman and his cool, red 
> "Canada" hat ... and also the
> marvelous stories he had as he worked the last Winter Olympics in that 
> beautiful country.
> I could have left the descriptive term, "Canadian," out of the sentence 
> altogether. I wrote it just to give an
> international flavor to the group that was there.
> I cannot believe I am apologizing for THAT line ... But the gentleman who 
> wrote me is a respected fellow
> ham - so here it is.
> Clint K6LCS
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