[amsat-bb] Re: [aprssig] RK3KKPK? (CONNECTED Igates?)

Sun Jan 29 15:44:56 PST 2012

Got this from the IGate manager.  Thanks to all who provided the pieces and
clues needed so track this down.




Subject: Re: I-Gate

I see what happened. RK3KPK is a BBGATE user who frequently 
telnets or netroms
into BBGATE. He's a curious follow who stumbled across the gateways 
RF port servicing the APRS packets on 144.390. That port has not, 
yet, been restricted. So, when
rk3kpk checked the heard list on the port, he thought there were lots 
of keyboard
stations available for contact. Ergo, he attempted to initiate a 
connection in hopes
of chatting with a 'local' laptop or tnc. There's nothing clandestine 
about his activity.
If anything, it's my bad for leaving that RF accessible to the 
general ham community. As it turns out, I believe he as been the only 
user who actually tried going out on
that port to connect with INDIO or any other station listed on the 
APRS port heard list.

Good catch guys.
73, Jack 

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