[amsat-bb] Hawaii Command Station for PCSAT-1

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Jan 28 19:03:53 PST 2012

We are again in need of a quality PCSAT command station in Hawaii.

This is for our Arctic Buoy experiment at the North pole! (off Barrow Alaska).  The problem is that the ISS digipeater only gets gets 1.5 degree above the Horizon in Barrow.  Probably won't work.

Fortunately, PCSAT-1 overflies the Arctic area  5 times a day listening on 145.825.  

Unfortunately, the Buoy is set to digi via ARISS and will not digi via PCSAT-1 unless the PCSAT-1 alias is commanded to match the ISS alias of ARISS.  This is a fundamental design of PCSAT, but when we set the ARISS digipeater alias, it only lasts until the next eclipse 30 minutes later, and so this command will have to be sent from Hawaii on EVERY pass where we want to check on the health of the Buoy.  So we also need to train a Hawaii command station.

This will -not- be a daily task.  Just occasionally when time permits to allow us to get back one health-packet from the Buoy every now and then.

If there is anyone fully conversant with conventional packet and Kantronics remote-logon and remote control of a KPC TNC, and is interested in this project, let us know.

Bob, Wb4APR

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