[amsat-bb] Re: RK3KKPK?

Andre sats at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Fri Jan 27 16:47:39 PST 2012

Op 28-1-2012 0:58, Bob Bruninga schreef:
> The TOCALL of RK3KPK could also be a Mic-E formatted packet at a
> Latitude of 3K 3K.0K in the format DD MM.mmN where message bits
> determine if the digit is a digit in the call or a letter. But in my
> quick look, I don't see any way that a "K" can appear. The letters P
> though Y can appear if the message bits are set. And the letters A
> through J can appear if a CUSTOM message is set. But I don't see a way
> for K to be set. Though someone may have a glitch in their Mic-E
> encoding algorithm. But then since this is a Kantronics, it would not
> be generating a Mic-E packet anyway... So, close but no-cigar... Maybe
> Lynn who has coded Mic-E more recently than I can see it... Bob, Wb4APR
it's not likely to be a mic-e packet because it is not an UI frame but 
an UA frame, in this case an ackowladge to a SABM frame or connect request.

RK3KPK connected the digi, but that does not solve who RK3KPK is and why 
he did it.

73 Andre PE1RDW

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