[amsat-bb] Full Duplex, Pre-amplifiers, LIDs, and Know-it-all's

Clayton Coleman W5PFG kayakfishtx at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 17:44:48 PST 2012

Having a computer controlled, full duplex station with azimuth and
elevation rotation, receiver pre-amplifiers, and high gain antennas is

Being able to point your small yagi antenna at the sky and work an FM
transponder anywhere in the world with a HT is nice.

Both scenarios require a common element for success: the operator's skill.

Rather than attack others' ideas of a "perfect satellite station," why
not try to support each other in becoming better operators?

Having the right equipment is truly important.  Having the right
skills to operate, in my opinion, is much more important.  It is
doubtful that everyone on this mailing list will ever agree what
comprises "the ultimate satellite station."  While some favor
flexibility of portable operation, others may strictly utilize the
highest gain antennas available.

Next time you hear some bad operating practices, consider writing a
kind note to the offending station.  Be considerate that the station
may be unaware of their satellite faux-pas.  Perhaps they are new and
have had little guidance from an Elmer.  Take the opportunity to
welcome the station and introduce them to the "right way" of doing
things even if they are not using your favorite radio or antenna.
Good ham radio operating skills are not typically an inherent quality
of man -- it takes time to develop them.  At some point in history,
you made your first contact.

Still learning 20 years after receiving my novice class license.

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