[amsat-bb] Re: Thanks for all the ...

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Sat Jan 21 11:27:24 PST 2012

Hi Andre!

> Good point, a preamp is to cancel out the cable losses, anymore and you are
> just boosting the background noise and not improving the reception.
> So if your cable is very short there is not point in using a preamp.

I have never used a preamp when working satellites.  If your station -
radio(s), antenna(s), and feedline - are good enough, you may not need
to invest in preamps.

> I even dare to say that you can have more succes using a portable setup then
> a fixed instalation with preamps and elevation rotors because you can adjust
> polarisation, theoreticly this can give a gain upto 30 dB, in practice
> somewhere between 3 and 9 dB.

Very true!  I'm working with portable setups, even from my back yard
like I showed in the videos I posted earlier today, and do well without
preamps.  I use short RG58 coax runs - 10 feet (3m) from antenna to
radio or diplexer, and 3 feet (1m) from diplexer to radios if I am
working SSB/CW.  Modifying K4FEG's statement to "YOU *MAY*
NEED A PREAMP" would be more accurate.



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