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Douglas Quagliana dquagliana at aol.com
Fri Jan 20 20:05:27 PST 2012

Hi John,

Hamtronics previously offered a UHF receive converter.   It was available as a kit and was a mix
of through-hole components and surface mount.  This was the first surface mount kit that I built.
There were two options for the crystals, so that it would convert either 435.0 MHz or 435.5 MHz 
down to 28.0 MHz depending on which crystal was installed in the circuit board.  One note
of caution: If you want to use it for AO-27 ( at 436.8 MHz ) then verify that your receiver will 
tune past 29.7 MHz up to 29.8 MHz, or get the crystal to convert 435.5 MHz down to 28.0 MHz.
Some ten meter receivers only tune up to 29.7 MHz.  Also, tuning up some of the coils required
a special tuning tool from Hamtronics. 

We measured my receive converter at the 2010 International EME Conference in Dallas last year.
My receive converter had about a 6.3 dB noise figure and 15.1 db gain.  

In my experience, it always required a low noise preamp in order to be useful for receiving 
satellite signals. Whether the preamp requirement was due to the design or whether it was 
because this kit was the first surface mount kit that I ever built was something that I 
never determined. :-)  The preamp that I used in front of it measured 1.55 dB noise figure
with 14.3 db gain.  The combination of low noise preamp and downconverter worked very 
well with an HR2600 on AO-27 and AO-51.

A few more details are available at:


TLDR: Yes, they used to offer it. If you see one for a couple bucks at a hamfest, grab it 
and use it with a low noise preamp.

Douglas KA2UPW/5

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Does anyone know if Hamstronics has made a UHF receive converter?  The
currently make one for 2m, but I would like one to use for FO29, if

73s John AA5JG
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