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Gregg Wonderly greggwon at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 19:42:35 PST 2012

On 1/16/2012 3:13 PM, Gordon JC Pearce wrote:
> On 16/01/12 00:27, Ted wrote:
>> 'I'd take the cheapie chinese radios any day'.
>> Perhaps that is the mentality that makes the EU economic model the mess that
>> it is today. Also, any, and I mean any economist will tell you that in hard
>> times the average consumer (which includes notoriously cheap hams) will shop
>> price above all else. That is why the chinese have everyone by the fortune
>> cookies...
> No, it's more to do with the standard of construction, performance and 
> availability of parts and service information.  The Chinese are streets ahead 
> here.
> It's particularly galling when you realise you could buy five cheapy Chinese 
> radios for the cost of one from a major American manufacturer - and still 
> expect to have all five working in two year's time!
>> ANY of these POS non type certified radios have no place in our community.
> It's CEPT and CE approved, good enough for me.
>> But since the US FCC has turned into nothing more than a bunch of political
> The FCC is not relevant to my interests.  I love breaking FCC regulations.
The biggest issue that causes recession and then depression in the economy, is 
when the value in the economy out strips the cash available to support that 
value.  When everyone buys the "cheapest" item, and it is a defective item, that 
then doesn't live long enough in the economy, that can cause people to replace 
it, in an emergency purchase, with a "credit purchase", which then presses the 
economy with more value, and less cash.

In our current economy, things like "cheap TVs", "cheap PCs", and "cheap 
appliances", in general, can result in the economy needing to "inflate" faster 
than the "printing" of money is occurring in our "world banks".

There is plenty of reason to pay the more expensive price, especially, if it is 
for something that will last longer in the economy, especially, if you resale it.

Certainly, if our economy inflated faster, we could all just spend money on all 
kinds of cheap junk, and keep everyone busy, working all day creating as much 
cheap stuff as we could.  But, the economy of the world, is really designed to 
work that way, and more importantly, all the off shore manufacturing, is moving 
"our cash" out of reach of our "local economies", and that, in the end, is what 
creates recession, which is then nearly impossible to correct "overnight", 
because the spending habits and the supply chains are not also being 
restructured to keep "injected cash" in the local economy, and thus it doesn't 
help anyone, except the offshore economies of the producers.

Gregg Wonderly

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