[amsat-bb] HRD Satellite Tracking vs. SatPC32 (survey)

Ted k7trkradio at charter.net
Sun Jan 15 16:04:34 PST 2012

I am a member of the Yahoo Group 'Ham Radio Deluxe' which group has all
manner of discussion regarding various aspects of the HRD Suite. As you may
know, Simon sold the rights to the software to a new group of developers.
One of the new owners, Rick Ruhl (W4PC) has been active on the Group
recently advising the Group on his plans for improving HRD going forward.
Rick has advised that there will be a v5.1 release in the near future which
will be a free release that basically will be a series of 'bug fixes'.
Further releases or updates will be on a fee basis. 

I posed a question to Rick regarding the HRD Satellite Tracking portion of
the program and if there were plans to improve or upgrade that area. I
suggested to Rick that it was my impression from comments made here on the
AMSAT board that the AMSAT users seemed to prefer SatPC32 over HRD because
HRD had performance issues. Well, Rick, quite logically, asked me 'why do
they favor SatPC32 and what are the specific problems with HRD (the
Satellite portion) and what needs improvement?' Well, I approached Rick and
suggested that I pose this question here on the AMSAT board and that I be
the conduit for you to vent/praise or whatever. I will compile the responses
and get them to Rick.

So, with that said, what is your specific issue with HRD Satellite Tracking
and or why is SatPC32 'better'. Please leave out comments about HRD basic
connectivity, log book or DM780. (if you want to discuss those issues, join
the HRD Yahoo Group) Rick would be looking for specifics! !  Certain radio
issues? Rotator issues? Doppler control? Kep updating, etc. From what I have
seen on the HRD Yahoo Group, Rick and his partners seem committed to
improving HRD and will be responsive to the HRD user group.

Please send me your comments off list or on list (k7trkradio at charter.net

Thanks for your input
73, Ted K7TRK
(I should state that I have neither ownership nor other financial interest
in the new HRD venture)

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