[amsat-bb] Very Interesting Radio - Possible Sat Use

Thomas Doyle tomdoyle1948 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 07:49:09 PST 2012

This may have been discussed previously but just in case it has not.

I purchased an interesting radio that might be an inexpensive way to
operate full duplex on the FM sats.
The radio cost $65 including shipping and all accessories. It runs 2W on
both 2M and 70cm. It has
almost all the bells and whistles you would expect on a dual band handi. 99
memories - tone squelch ...

In addition to the low cost the radio is very small. See pic - I have
fairly normal size hands so you can see how
small it is.


I purchased it expecting the worst. Much to my surprise it actually works
quite well. The menu system is
the most intuitive I have found on any radio. The only negatives I could
find were

- no channel lockout when scanning - I put the local weather station in one
of the memories.
  Since it is always on you can not use the scan function.

- I fully expected a radio of such a small size would not have adequate
sound from the speaker.
  In fact the sound from the speaker is really loud. Everything is set
using a rotary digital switch
  with detents. This works great for selecting channels and using the menu
functions. There are
  only 9 detent positions for the volume. The lowest volume setting is
mute, one click up and it is
  loud and it keeps getting louder as you go up. There was nothing wrong
with my radio - they
  all do it.

- no DTMF pad

None of these negatives affect the use of the radio with an FM sat. You
could buy a pair of these
for $130 including shipping. Add a diplexer and Elk/Arrow antenna and I
think you would be good to
go with a very compact low cost full duplex portable FM station.

I bought mine from http://www.maintradingcompany.com and received excellent
service. In case you
were wondering what the goofy looking LED between the switch and the
antenna is - it is for the
flashlight function the radio offers as a feature. The flashlight feature
is invaluable :-)

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W9KE  Tom Doyle

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