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Subject: [CubeSat] Nanosat frequency spectrum issues & the World Radio
	Conference 2012

Dear smallsat / nanosatellite / CubeSat developers,

as you may be aware, obtaining frequency spectrum for nanosatellites
is not always easy. Especially, experimental / technology
proof-of-concept demonstration missions find it increasingly more
difficult to find spectrum in todays crowded bands. Whilst for some
missions, amateur radio spectrum might fit the bill, for others this
is less suitable since the mission does not fully meet the criteria in
order to operate in the bands allocated to the amateur satellite
service. On the other hand, "commercial" or research space allocations
often are not feasible from a budget point of view because of the
large fees involved, and the associated long coordination times may
far exceed the time to design, develop and build a small /

Through experience from our customers, and also through our own, ISIS
has identified this problem as a potential long term showstopper for
the emerging nanosatellite market. We will attend the World Radio
Conference later this month as part of the Dutch national delegation.
Although nanosatellite spectrum is not on the agenda of this WRC, we
plan to make use of the opportunity to informally sound the various
opinions on this matter and investigate potential possibilities for
creating a future proof solution ensuring the spectral needs of the
community are met. This is potentially in line with discussions
already going on in for example ITU study group WP7B.

If you have any input on this matter, we would love to hear from you
so we can take this into account during our informal discussions with
the various attendants at the WRC.

Also, if you are present at the WRC yourself, this might be an
excellent opportunity to discuss the topic in person. We might be able
to share some preliminary observations during our presentation at the
European CubeSat Workshop in Brussels later this month.

kind regards,

Wouter Jan Ubbels

Wouter Jan Ubbels, MSc

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