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i8cvs domenico.i8cvs at tin.it
Sun Jan 8 00:46:23 PST 2012

  Hi Bob, W7LRD

  Yes ! I remember, we worked on AO40 I belive in Mode-U/S particularly when the satellite was very low over the horizon for both of us. I will check on my tape recorder and as soon i will find a QSO with you I will made for you a WAV file 

  I send this email to you as well via AMSAT-BB because your provider @comcast.net very often rejects all emails coming from my provider @tin.it and so probably it will be a problem to send you a WAV flle ! If you have another email address please let me know.

  Best 73" de

  i8CVS Domenico

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  Hi Domenico..Just wondering...did we every work on AO-40?

  73 Bob W7LRD


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  > One of my winter projects is to get all of my OSCAR contacts back to 1989
  > in LOTW.  Unfortunately, my older logs are not available.
  > What are folks doing about contacts made on RS-10/11?  My log book says
  > RS-10/11 and LOTW wants either RS-10 or RS-11 and I really don't have a
  > way to tell which?  The same conundrum applies to RS-12/13, but it appears
  > I logged most of them as RS-13 for some reason.
  > Thanks and 73,
  > Joe kk0sd

  Hi Joe,

  Beginning from OSCAR-6 up to AO40 I have all my QSO recorded on
  a professional tape recorder REVOX A77 using 1/4" tape winded in many
  and many big coils each 10.63 " in diameter and so I can enjoy to hear time
  to time the voice of my old satellite friends and as well the CW ROBOT
  of the RS satellites.Before to start any QSO I mention on tape the name of
  the satellite the orbit numbar and the date, just for record along with the
  log on paper.

  73" de

  i8CVS Domenico

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