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Thanks Drew...I assume these are rides other than crew/cargo trips to the ISS.  With a "little box" going to the ISS as someone said, "Kibo module will be able to deploy CubeSats from the ISS without the need for a very expensive EVA".  We could have "pre approved boxes" sitting the the shelf just waiting for the next trip. 
73 Bob W7LRD 

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>  We have some very smart people who are involved with Universities, launch vendors and the like.  A bird could have a "gizzmo" that would  have  > what a  univ ersity wants to accomplish (with added transponder) .  

You just described Fox-1, and we are building four of them. So far we have an experiment for one, and have applied for a free launch from NASA. We find out January 30th if we get it, then it's a race to finish and test the satellite in time (and pay for it). 

Rides to orbit are much easier to find for 1kg cubes, than for 50kg ones. 

73, Drew KO4MA 

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