[amsat-bb] Email via ISS/APRS

Kevin Deane summit496 at live.com
Thu Jan 5 17:56:42 PST 2012

Ok so I think that this all fine and dandy and even more so if it keeps people from logging into the BBS and ruining the pass for everyone else. I dont think that an email sent via ISS would be considered a Qso but still pretty neat. In between the beacons there are Two Way Communications made on the ISS Digi.
What I do not understand is the Beaconing. What is the point? So that while you are at work, or sleeping, your callsign shows up on arris.net? In doing so you Beaconers not only clog up the passes but have basicly killed NO-44.
If you are going to use the ISS or a satellite you should be there at your station and not be like the very annoying automated menu you get when trying to get through to a human being on the phone.
By the way Unproto CQ via WIDE2-2 or RS0ISS-4  then k or CONVERSE  :EMAIL    :SUMMIT496 at LIVE.COM Type mess here works great there is no need for the Beacon...
Just my opinion.



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