[amsat-bb] Re: Email via The ISS

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jan 5 08:37:12 PST 2012

APRS Email Format:

>>>> KQ6UP>BEACON,ARISS::EMAIL    :kq6up at kq6up.org  This is a test of ISS

Yes, that is correct APRS message format for an Email

>> How do I send email on 144.390?  Is the same way 
>> as I would send via the ISS?

> yes, you could replace the via path with WIDE2-2, 
> that should show if you are getting recieved as wel.

That will work just about anywhere in the western hemisphere on 144.39 or in
Europe on 144.800.

> Does this system limit my emails to one a day or something?  
> My last terrestrial test did not seem to work via wide2-1.

Any APRS packet you send can be verified that it was pickedup via the global
APRS system by simply going to http://APRS.FI and entering the callsign.  If
that station has never sent a position report, then APRS.FI will say "no
position known" but that does not mean that it did not capture the message
packet.  To see other packets fromany station, click on Other-views/Raw
packets and then enter the callsign on that page and you should see your
packet within seconds (if it was heard)..

Whether it gets delivered by actual email is a separate issue.  I just tried
it and got the email within less than a minute.

If you have an APRS radio all the formatting is done for you.  Just send the
APRS message to EMAIL and the first word of the message must be an Email

Send it on 144.39 VIA WIDE2-2
Send it on 145.825 via ARISS

Good luck
Bob, Wb4APR

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