[amsat-bb] Re: What Happened to the PacSats?

Andre sats at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Wed Jan 4 12:02:52 PST 2012

There are still the aprs sats like iss pcsat go-32 and maybe some more I 
offcourse this is direct digpeating and not store and forward but can 
still be a lot fun.

73 Andre PE1RDW
Op 4-1-2012 20:27, Mark L. Hammond schreef:
> Hi Chris,
> The golden days of the Pacsat Store/forward operations appear to be
> gone for now, if not for good...I am still addicted, and wish everyday
> for a rebirth...
> The old pacsat birds are up there, just not functional.  For a while a
> few years ago, we had AO-16 running in voice mode (FM up, side band
> down)!  That was fun.  But it only works when the bird is warm from
> full sunlight--which won't occur for like 10 more years...sigh.
> LO-19 emits a very low level carrier (most can't see it, or deny it's
> there...but it is ;) )
> WO-18 is like AO-16--transmitter won't stay on.
> IO-26 is stuck in bootloader mode, emitting bursts of telemetry from
> time to time.
> Now, the GOOD news--read about Delphi3C and ISIS.  There is some
> digital downloading/telemetry that will be available perhaps by the
> end of the year on  a few new birds.  Then, add Fucube-1 and -2, and
> there will be more digital telemetry to collect.
> But the Pacsat BBS operations as you remember them don't exist now.
> But there IS a lot of telemetry to be collected.   The good news is
> that many of these will be using software based modems, available free
> of charge!
> 73,
> Mark N8MH (admitted digital nut)
> On Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 10:55 PM, Chris Maness<chris at chrismaness.com>  wrote:
>> About 12 years ago, I was really into amateur radio satellites (the
>> analog birds).  I always wanted to try the PacSats, but I was a
>> college student, and could not afford all of the necessary hardware.
>> I tried to do it in software (and ended up falling in love with
>> Linux).  Now I have a good source of income, and was looking into
>> dabbling in the PacSats, but looking at the Amsat website, it looks
>> like none of the old birds are up.  So are there any plans to restore
>> store and forward messaging capability in future ham radio birds?  Is
>> this currently still possible and I am just missing something?
>> Thanks,
>> Chris Maness
>> KQ6UP
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