[amsat-bb] KLM 2M-14C Antenna

Fred Kennedy fredk at kcbbs.gen.nz
Mon Jan 2 14:27:04 PST 2012

Hi Guys,
           Anyone have a KLM 2M-14C Antenna on the ground - or at an easily accessed height?
  I need the overall width of the folded dipole driven element (it'll be around 950mm) and also the 
distance between the holes where the  8-32 by 1" screws secure the element free ends  to the 
PCB/antenna boom support insulator.
     A coax tangle up has left me with the elements bent battered and broken and whilst I have the 
spacing between the two folded tubes ( 49mm C to C) from the wreckage and can fold up new 
elements I need the other info. to do so.
     (The XYL does not approve of my hanging my "three score and ten (+) year old " bones off the end 
off a safety harness more often than absolutely necessary! A 'one trip' up the mast - to fit the new - 
would be good!)
 Fred ZL1BYP.     

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