[amsat-bb] Re: ARISSat-1 transponder question

Vu Trong Thu thuvt at fpt.edu.vn
Sun Jan 1 05:03:21 PST 2012

Hello Mark,
Thanks for your suggestion, I have looked at the manual to learn about this
function. Tomorrow morning there's a good ARISSat-1 pass over my QTH and
I'll give it a try :)


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Hello Thu,

YES, the TS-2000 will work linear transponders.  You need to put the radio
into "Satellite mode" and it will do any mode in both the main and sub

The difference between satellite mode and just using the "sub receiver" is
that in satellite mode, the main side of the radio is receive only, and the
sub is the transmitter only (no receiver function).   

So, check out the purple satellite mode button :)


Mark N8MH   

At 03:17 PM 1/1/2012 +0700, Vu Trong Thu wrote:
>Hello Dave,
>Thank you for your response. As far as I know to use the transponder I 
>have to use LSB for 70cm uplink and USB for 2m downlink? However I can 
>only set the TS-2000's main transceiver to LSB or USB while its 
>sub-receiver only supports AM and FM. Power is not an issue for me and 
>I have Az/El controlled yagis.
>Has anybody here worked the transponder with a TS-2000?
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>Hi Thu,
>Happy New Year to you as well!
>I don't have a TS-2000 myself, but that rig should be fully capable of 
>working the ARISSat-1 transponder, many hams use the rig for AO-07 and
>VO-52 which work essentially the same way as ARISSat.
>The challenges (above copying the downlinks as you're doing now) are 
>that you'll need to have the uplink (70cm) antenna working, as well as 
>have the computer control of doppler for up/down on your rig.  SatPC32 
>works well for this.  Also, signals through the transponder are very 
>weak, so you'll need to have some gain in the antennas and/or power on the
>On a related note, I had a nice (short!) QSO with N6EV tonight through 
>the transponder -- 01/01/2012 0124z.  It's super-exciting to hear 
>another station coming through the passband!!!  ARISSat-1 may not have 
>much time left, but it's still working great.
>73 and Happy New Year all,
>Dave KB5WIA
>On Sun, Jan 1, 2012 at 4:43 AM, Vu Trong Thu <thuvt at fpt.edu.vn> wrote:
>> Happy New Year!
>> This morning I kicked off the new year with 2 passes of ARISSat-1, 
>> copied both CW beacon, BPSK telemetry and FM voice/SSTV 
>> simultaneously on Kenwood TS-2000. I would also like to try the 
>> transponder but don't know if my transceiver allow it? This TS-2000 
>> has all modes on its main transceiver but its sub receiver only 
>> supports AM or FM. Could
>anybody help?
>> Thanks,
>> Thu XV9AA
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