[amsat-bb] Re: Rotor vs problems

Bill Booth ve3nxk at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 05:00:40 PST 2012

> I am looking to upgrade my ant from fixed to rotor,
> If I were to spend the money, what would be the best no hassle rotator I Should get?

I am sure there will be lots of good ideas come from this, but for what it is 
worth I will give you my nickels worth.

I have tried lots of ways.  Used U100 series rotors, handmade types from 
ventilation damper motors to stepper motors, and old TVRO jack drives.  In the end 
I have used the Yaesu G5500/5400 for most of my time.  I have bought used and 
regreassed them, even repaired the odd controller.  I have never bought new though.

I have had 2 of them in 10 years.  I have never had any burn out or fail from any 
use.  I take the satellite system down about every 5 years for maintenance, which 
means taking apart the rotors for inspection and greasing.  The only time I have 
ever replaced one, is to upgrade from 5400 to 5500, when I added 1296 and 2304 
beams in hope of AO-40 and AO-???.

 From what I read most failures are from installation errors, or living in the 
salt areas of the oceans.  Living here in the cold climate of Canadian winters, I 
find they work great.  And no I do not have shares in the company.

But it comes down to the type of operator you are. For me, I wanted something that 
works and can be controlled by automatic means with no hassles.  That is why I 
stay with the Yaesu units. I guess it comes down to do you want to operate, or 
have fun designing, building, or repairing other units.

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