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> Hello Tom
> Recently, I finished another homebrew cavity preamplifier and I have been
> trying it on my homebrew Arrow. Its performance has been wonderful!
> It allows me an excellent full duplex capability and I have received AO-27
> until 1 degree!
> My current portable setup is a homebrew Arrow, a homebrew 70 cm/2m dawn
> converter, two 2m HT Kenwood TK-270 and the homebrew cavity preamplifier.
> Thanks very much to Domenico, I8CVS who gave me this great project.
> 73!
> Hector, CO6CBF

Hi Hector ,CO6CBF

I am very happy that you have built several cavity preamplifiers following
my projet and they works very well.
I have built two of them one for 432 MHz EME and another for satellite but
considering that this preamplifier was published in Radio Rivista 9/1993 I
never found someone duplicating more than one prototype because the cavity
mechanical work requires a milling machine and a machanical shop.

BTW I can supply the article and mechanical drawing to everybody is intendet
to duplicate it.

It is very strange that novadays no radio Ham want to built his hown preamp
but only to buy it without learning noting.

Congratulations to you Hector !

73" de i8CVS Domenico

> > Has anyone used a preamplifier in a portable setup based on an Arrow
> > cross yagi? Concern is whether there is enough isolation on 70 cm input
> > from the 2m harmonics. ARR. Told me they would not recommend this
> > setup. What you all think?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Tom, N5HYP

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