[amsat-bb] Re: Motor for Yaesu G5500 Azimuth Rotator?

David Palmer KB5WIA kb5wia at amsat.org
Thu Feb 23 10:16:39 PST 2012

Thanks Drew, Dee, and Kevin!

Yes, I definitely plan to add a thermal switch to the replacement
motor on the rebuild -- hopefully to prevent such a thing from
happening again, ugh!

Mike WA6ARA suggested a company down in LA that rewinds motors -- I
sent them a description, and they wrote back at 11pm last night (!)
saying that there would be no problem with this one, but to send it
down so they could take a look and give a quote.  So .. the defective
motor is on its way down there now.

I'd still like to get a replacement of some sort, whether or not the
rewind is successful -- can anyone confirm if the G5400 azimuth
rotator motor will physically fit in the G5500 gear assembly?  I know
the capacitor is inboard in the '5500 and at the controller on the
'5400, but are the two motors physically similar?

Thanks everyone!


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