[amsat-bb] SMA connectors

JHBRTOO at aol.com JHBRTOO at aol.com
Thu Feb 23 10:10:23 PST 2012

Hi  guys,
My two cents worth- using an SMA to BNC adaptor does not address the  
mechanical problem of an antenna or a coax flexing the SMA chassis connector-  
especially the plastic HTs- I had to do a number on my VX5 which is a metal  
case HT. I'd suggest a pigtail SMA to BNC for connecting to a coax for mobile 
 use (even then I tie the pigtail to the HT case with a rubber band or ??) 
As for  the HT antenna all you can do is be careful or brace the antenna a 
bit. My 74  year old hands and eyes had quite a time repairing the broken 
center conductor  to circuit board, not to mention just getting to the 
location. The SMA is a  great RF connector for fixed-in-place applications. Nuff  

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