[amsat-bb] Anyone on VO-52 around 00:15Z 2/18?

Burns Fisher burns at fisher.cc
Fri Feb 17 16:37:29 PST 2012

I'm sort of excited, sort of disappointed...I believe I FINALLY heard
myself on a satellite!  I have gotten my 70cm uplink antenna working and
I'm pretty sure I could hear myself on VO-52 as it passed high over New
England at about 7:15PM 2/17 EST, 00:15 2/18 UTC.  But I'm a bit unsure.
 First, my voice seemed very distorted in the headphones.  Of course it is
hard to tell when you are talking!  Second, I could not get any CW signal
bounce.  And finally there was NO ONE else that I could hear in the

So I'm just wondering if anyone else was hitting VO-52 about that time, or
if anyone might have heard me (W2BFJ).  Trying to clarify whether VO-52 is
just not very busy or if I was not really hearing it after all!


Burns, W2BFJ

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