[amsat-bb] MaSat Telemetry Software

Andy Kellner hawat1 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 15 13:45:14 PST 2012


I got some answers from the team in Hungary and apparently the software is _in_deed_ automatically
sending the packets to the server over there ! The 'offline' sign in the lower left corner has nothing
to do with it:

> Hi Andreas,

> Thanks for the packets!

> New TLE from Celestrak:
> 2012-006C
> 1 38079U 12006C   12045.91493796  .00003662  00000-0  10000-3 0    77
> 2 38079  69.4856 235.4820 0781498  42.5136 323.3856 14.05527418   208

> The automatic packet report works in background.
> I checked the logs, and you sent us 561 packet online until now.

> Regards,
> Tibor Mezei

Well there you go. Sent them 560 packets and didn't even know it :) And in another email:

> Dear Andy,

> Please try to use the telemetry softwares automatic packet sending.
> It works for a lot of people. Actually the sign
> "Offline" in the lower left corner of the telemetry window was shown
> for a future improvement and shows something else. It is misleading,
> so we will remove it in the next release.
> Please answer to the ham at cubesat.bme.hu address where my colleague,
> HA3PL Levi, who is more competent in these topics, will answer to your
> further reports.

> Sincerely,

> Zsolt Várhegyi
> Masat-1 Developer Team

Still doesn't explain why the 'Server side logging' checkbox is unchecked _and_ grayed out. But I guess its all research software very much under development.

Andreas - VK4HHH

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