[amsat-bb] MASAT-1

Bruce Robertson ve9qrp at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 11:11:50 PST 2012

Had a blast collecting telemetry for MaSat-1 just now. I used object
C, which was not correct for doppler. Judging by the point at which
the signal ended on my clear horizon, I think it might be
F or G.

For those who are new to the software, I'd note that the strongest
signal on the waterfall is the one that should be aligned
approximately with the 575 Hz mark. It is quite tolerant of your being
off by a 100 Hz or so, I'd say. I also think that the CW signal should
be on the 1200 Hz mark (i.e., don't tune the CW to a typical CW tone,
which is around 600 Hz).

Does anyone know how close to the upper and lower marks I can set my
filter on the TS-2000?

73, Bruce


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