[amsat-bb] K7UGA report - Wednesday morning

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Wed Feb 15 09:32:32 PST 2012


I've planned my lunch today to coincide with the upcoming SO-50 pass 
at 1832-1845 UTC (a 27-degree pass, from my south to the northeast).
That will be the only pass I can work as K7UGA during the daytime 
today.  This evening, I am planning to make up for not being on last 
night and try two passes from home as K7UGA:

VO-52 at 0252-0305 UTC (an overhead pass)
SO-50 at 0310-0320 UTC (11-degree pass, from north to southeast)

Tomorrow (Thursday, 16 February) morning will have some passes in the
morning through midday that I should be able to work from home as 

VO-52 at 1444-1455 UTC (21-degree pass to my east)
VO-52 at 1620-1632 UTC (26-degree pass to my west)
SO-50 at 1900-1914 UTC (78-degree pass, from southwest to north)
AO-27 at 1921-1928 UTC (13-degree pass to my east)

Look for K7UGA around 145.910 MHz USB on the VO-52 downlink, but
be ready to tune around if I am not there.  If nobody is working 
me there, I will tune around and attempt to work anyone I hear on 
the transponder.

After these passes, I plan to be on the road to the Yuma Hamfest,
and may stop to work passes on FO-29 and possibly AO-7 in mode B
late in the afternoon if I can safely get off the freeway.  Then
everything will focus on the Yuma Hamfest starting Friday at midday,
although I may be able to work some mid- to late-morning passes
before the hamfest officially opens.  



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