[amsat-bb] PW-Sat signals decoded @ ISIS

Wouter Weggelaar w.j.weggelaar at isispace.nl
Mon Feb 13 08:29:07 PST 2012

Hi All,

PW-Sat has been decoded using the ISIS GSKit on the first and 3rd pass
of PW-SAT over Delft.

On the third pass we also connected SDR hardware to 70cm to listen for
the other cubes
A spectrum plot can be found at
and the recording of PW-SAT at

As you can imagine, all our engineers gathered around when they heard
familiar BPSK 1200 sounds ;)

We have heard:
- PW-Sat
- MaSat-1
- XatCobeo
- Probably AlmaSat

Nothing heard from Goliat, Robusta and UniCubeSat

Wouter Weggelaar
ISIS RF Engineer

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