[amsat-bb] K7UGA report - Monday evening

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Mon Feb 13 19:24:07 PST 2012


It's Monday evening, or Tuesday (14th) on the UTC clock.  I was on the
0218-0230 UTC VO-52 pass as K7UGA, and plan to work one more pass this 
evening - an SO-50 pass at 0351-0405 UTC.  Thanks for the QSOs so far!

On Tuesday in the early afternoon, I hope to work the SO-50 pass at 
1943-1958 UTC. I can't stretch my lunch time to cover the AO-27 pass 
that starts about 2019 UTC, and SO-50 gives me more time to (hopefully)
work stations than I can in the 7 minutes on AO-27.

For Tuesday evening (early Wednesday on the UTC clock), I am looking to
work the following passes:

VO-52 at 0235-0247 UTC (satellite passing directly over my head)
VO-52 at 0413-0422 UTC (low pass over the west coast)
SO-50 at 0420-0433 UTC (starting to my north, going around to southeast)

I may stop working the VO-52 pass around the time SO-50 comes up from
the horizon, as I don't have great visibility to the northwest from my 

For Wednesday, I'm hoping to work one midday pass:

SO-50 at 1832-1845 UTC (starting to my south, going around to northeast)

I am not sure about my Wednesday evening (early Thursday, UTC) plans
yet.  I plan on working passes on Thursday morning and around midday 
from the back yard (VO-52, SO-50, possibly AO-27) before driving to 
Yuma and on to California.  I may skip working passes Wednesday 
evening, and focus on the daytime operating Thursday morning instead.
I'll post more about that tomorrow night or Wednesday morning. 


Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK (K7UGA, on the satellites this week)

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