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Craig Gagner crgagner at charter.net
Mon Feb 13 13:23:41 PST 2012

Sure here ya go...


You want the 432M7 unit. What I did was put an A/B switch on my 70cm beam
and when working the FM birds I switch to B which goes to the down
converter, then out of the down converter to the dedicated RX connection on
the back of the TS-2000. Menu 18 activates the ant port. Now for the FM
birds it converts to 11 mhz so you need to add the correct freq offset in
SatPC which is 425000 .. Works Great !!



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Craig, Pls share 'known fix for TS-2000' !!

Ted, K7TRK

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I am still taken back by the amount of folks willing to pay top dollar for a
discontinued radio, I just saw a IC-910 with no 1.2 and owned previously by
a smoker with a starting bid of $1300 .. Wow .. I would think the prices
would go down now that there is a known fix for the TS-2000.




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