[amsat-bb] Re: moving Sat contacts to LOTW and DXLab

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Sun Feb 12 12:08:59 PST 2012

Hi Clayton!

> I will be very interested to see what "QSL rate" you get after uploading
> 16K contacts.  I highly encourage others to utilize LotW for satellite
> confirmations.  I personally love paper and always QSL via mail but enjoy
> the "instant gratification" of a Logbook of the World QSL.

I'm with you on that.  I like receiving cards, don't mind sending them
out, and also like LOTW.  I'm doing my part to support office-supply
stores for the cardstock and printer supplies, as well as my local
post office.  :-)

> Out of roughly 1200 satellite contacts I've uploaded, I am seeing a 4% QSL
> rate via Logbook of the World.  Most of those are repeat contacts who
> regularly upload to LotW like me.

For my 11K+ satellite QSOs made from all locations, I'm seeing
about 13% confirmed in LOTW.  I know it helps that I'm operating
from different places, but I'm putting every QSO into LOTW - even
if it is the umpteenth QSO with the same station.  Then I have a
complete copy of my log I can access online, in addition to the
spreadsheet copies that are on backups here at home and on a
flash drive with me.

> Just for other statistics... I have only confirmed 63 grids of the 200+ I
> have confirmed on paper.  And the majority of those 63 LotW confirmations
> are from stations like WD9EWK or K8YSE who have gone rover.


I need to run through my log to see how many grids I have confirmed,
on paper and in LOTW.  I think it is near 500 now, and 134 of those are
confirmed in LOTW, for my Phoenix-area activity.

> My advice is to ensure your satellite names and grids (yours and theirs)
> correctly match up for all contacts.  It is critical for LotW satellite
> confirmation.  If you did any portable or rover satellite work outside your
> home grid, this becomes very critical.

And make sure to include your grid when you define a station location
in the TQSL program!  Otherwise you get confirmation for the QSO, but
it is useless toward a VUCC award.  Multi-grid QTHs work fine in LOTW,



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