[amsat-bb] Re: ANS-041 AMSAT News Service Special Bulletin

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Sat Feb 11 19:05:01 PST 2012

Good evening, Dee!

By the way, I saw your mention in this evening's ANS bulletins
that my Fox flyer is now posted on the Fox web page.  I don't
know who put it on the web page, but many thanks to you for
mentioning it - and to whoever put it up there.  I also had a
good friend translate that flyer into Spanish.  If that doesn't go
up on the web page, I'm happy to e-mail that PDF to anyone
interested in it.

> Wow,
> Here we go again.
>  Attitudes seemed to be "when you launch an HEO,
> I'd be interested in supporting this."
> No matter how I explained the urgency of hams supporting NOW for future
> projects, most seemed deaf to our plea
> Patrick, we must continue to circulate these ideas and promote our
> growth so as launches become available and worked to fruition
> By our people, we have enough in the kitty to finish a project to meet
> them. Let's all stay on the same page.

I'm all for supporting an HEO project like P3E. My comment about
waiting until we have an HEO satellite related to building a station
to work a satellite that - at the moment - is nonexistent, not to the
fundraising effort.  I can buy or build what I need to work an HEO
satellite at the appropriate time in the future.  At this point, the $$$
I might use to build a bigger satellite station has been used in part
toward satellite projects.

My question about how close AMSAT-DL is to paying for a launch
is still a valid question.  It would give me (and others) some idea on
how close AMSAT-DL is to getting that launch.  I've heard and read
about P3E for many years, but have no idea how close we really
are to seeing it launched.  I'm just wanting to hear how much is in
the "kitty" for P3E.  That's why I have been happy to make one or
two contributions a year to KiwiSAT.  Those guys have been good
at updating us on their progress, between AMSAT-BB posts and
their web site.  I'm hoping we can continue that with Fox-1, as it
is built this year and the fundraising is (hopefully) successful.

> Congrats to Tony, AA2TX, and his team for long hours of hard work to get
> his proposal recognized.  Hoo-Rah.

Agreed, 100%!

So much work went into that, and I am happy that the hard work
was recognized by NASA in their decision.  Now our challenge
is to first get that formal agreement with NASA signed, then to
deliver a satellite for launch.

Time to get ready to work VO-52 outside....



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